Interesting Facts About Animals In Hindi

Interesting facts about animals

  1. In India, buffalo is more than any other animal, about 10 million.
  2. Human beings have 32 but bears have 42 teeth.
  3. Elephant gender weight can be up to 60 kg.
  4. 2500 cow dairies produce as much dirt as 411,000 people create a city.
  5. Scorpion can stop your breath for 6 days.
  6. A male monster horse can be pregnant and can also cause children.
  7. Giraffe’s tongue is so long that it can clean his ears too.
  8. Goat’s eye can see up to 360-degree angles.
  9. Camel’s milk curd can not be frozen.
  10. The frog can not swallow anything without blinking.
  11. A butterfly has 12000 eyes.
  12. Cows only dream when they sleep late.
  13. The cow sees only dreams when she sleeps late.

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